With four essential points we want to show that for our project The 3D Object the environment plays a central role. One of the most important guiding principles of our team is: "A sustainable use of the resources of our home planet". This value concept has been represented from the beginning and is also lived in this way. Customers, partners, employees and also people in the private surrounding shall get a feeling for the forms in which The 3D Object is committed to the greatest possible sustainability. In the blog post you can read about the steps we have already taken to achieve this. From the first touch to the delivery of your order: The 3D Object thinks and acts sustainably.

„We all have to contribute something to hand over our planet to the next generations in such a way that it remains at least as worth living as we got it“.

- Ing. Markus Haas, General Manager

First on our list: Electricity. Without electricity, life in general and our work in particular would be very difficult. We produce all of our products on site, so we need quite a bit of electricity for our 3D printers. We have found a sustainable solution for this, 100 percent of our electricity comes from Austrian production and is a mix of domestic hydropower and green energy. In our offices, we also pay great attention to saving electricity, for example by using devices that are as energy efficient as possible and consciously switching off devices so that they do not consume electricity unnecessarily in standby mode. You can also get into the habit of doing this at home.

A very important point for us is also the material from which we manufacture our products. What can we use so that our articles are as gentle as possible for humans, animals and the environment? Almost all of the materials we use are food safe. We purchase these from an Austrian manufacturer and can say with a clear conscience that the quality is right. Since we use a wide variety of materials with different properties in the production of our articles, each material has its own advantages:

• BioFusion and PETG: these materials do not contain harmful ingredients, are allowed to come into contact with food and are free of silicone.
          o see BioFusion and PETG

• GreenTEC Pro and GreenTEC Wood: these materials are made from 100% renewable raw materials and are biodegradable according to DIN EN ISO 14855
          o see 
GreenTEC Pro and GreenTEC Wood

To ensure that our products find their way safely to your home, we have also thought about the packaging. We do not believe in a senseless amount of plastic waste per package, so we only use cardboard boxes! As filling material, we only use things that are made from renewable raw materials and are recyclable. Thus, you save a lot of plastic waste and we do something good for the environment!

Once your order is sustainably packaged, it just needs to be shipped. We also want to handle this as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefore, The 3D Object ships with the Austrian Post, which ensures that our packages are delivered CO2 neutral within Austria.

We hope that reading this has given you a sense of the steps we take in our business to ensure that we are as environmentally friendly as possible. We are not perfect yet, but it is important to us as a regional company to be a role model for our customers, partners and also employees. Everyone can and may think about our environment and together we do something good for the environment. Of course, we are looking forward to further ideas and suggestions on how we can work even more environmentally friendly in the future!