Do I have to register to be able to order something?

No, an order is basically also possible as a guest. If you order as a guest without a password, you will not receive your own customer account. If you order again, you would have to enter all the data again.
However, guest orders are not possible if a VAT ID is specified.

How would I benefit if I register?

By registering with a password, you are able to order more quickly, know the status of your orders at all times and always have an up-to-date overview of your previous orders.

What can I do if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot Password” link when logging in. You will receive an email asking you to enter a new password.
If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder.

How secure is my contract data?

All information on security and data protection can be found here: Privacy Notice

How secure is my credit card information?

The data is transmitted using SSL encryption with a key of at least 128 bits and is therefore not visible to unauthorized persons.
You can find more information about security and data protection here: Privacy Notice

What materials are used for 3D printed items?

We use the following materials for our 3D printed items so far:

  • BioFusion from extrudr
    • BioFusion is a new generation of special bio-based materials. The printed parts have an intense, metallic shine. Other important features are:
      • FDA compliant (may come into contact with food)
      • RoHS compliant
      • REACH compliant
      • free from silicones
      • recyclable
  • GreenTEC Pro from extrudr
    • GreenTEC Pro is the ecologically safe alternative to conventional materials and consists of 100% renewable raw materials. Other important features are:
      • FDA compliant (may come into contact with food)
      • RoHS compliant
      • REACH compliant
      • free from silicones
      • degradable according to ISO 14885
  • PETG from extrudr
    • Polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) is one of the world's best-known thermoplastic polymers and is also used for drinks bottles, for example. Other important features are:
      • FDA compliant (may come into contact with food)
      • RoHS compliant
      • REACH compliant
      • free from silicones
      • can be used for toys
      • fire retardant according to UL 94 V-2

Why isn’t every item available in every material?

We have not produced every item from every material in advance. If a certain article is not available in the desired material, you are welcome to contact us via office@The3DObject.com. In most cases we can produce the desired article with the desired material.

Where are the 3D printed items produced?

We produce exclusively in Austria, partly with our own 3D printer and partly with our Austrian partner companies.

Why are personalized items excluded from the right of rescission?

Personalized items are specially manufactured according to the customer’s specification as part of our configurators and can therefore no longer be sold elsewhere. Further information on the right of rescission can be found here: Right of Rescission

Can an item also be changed beyond current options in the 3D Object Configurator?

All of our articles can be produced in various variants, sizes and materials. Simply contact us via office@The3DObject.com to get information about all possible customization options, available variants and materials to provide you with a product that fully meets your expectations.

Why is there a random number given in the 3D Object Configurator?

If a PAZL article is created via the 3D Object Configurator, then the specified random number defines the created maze. You can enter a date of birth (e.g.: 19700422) or any other 8-digit number as a random number. You can also use the [Generate new random number] button to generate the random number automatically. If the maze shown in the review seems too easy or too difficult for you, you can change the random number and regenerate the PAZL article with a different maze.

What is the difference between public and private personalized items?

Before a new, personalized article is created via the 3D Object Configurator, you can specify whether this article will then be available to all users from The3DObject.com or whether it should only be visible to the currently logged-in user. For example, if you configure a very personal text on an article, you might not want to make it visible to everyone.
If you create a personalized PAZL article and give it to someone else, then the recipient can only find the corresponding solution on The3DObject.com if it has been selected that the personalized item should be visible to everyone.

Where can I find the solution for my PAZL article?

You can enter the article number of your PAZL article (e.g.:"11111-11111-11112") in the shop search. The solution for each PAZL article can be found within the article pictures.
For personalized PAZL articles, you can enter the entire article number (e.g.: "11111-11199-11112.11111111") in the advanced shop search. It must be selected in the advanced search settings that personalized articles shall be included. Personalized articles can be found by all users of The3DObject.com as long as they are created as public articles. If a personalized article is created as a private article, then it can only be found by the user who created it. In this case, the solution for a personalized PAZL article is only available to this user.
A sticker with the article number is attached to the bottom of each PAZL article we deliver.

Which countries can be delivered to?

Our company delivers the goods and provides the services within all EU member states.

How much are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs can be found in the tables under the following link: Shipping Information

Where is my order?

Once your order has been packed and is ready for shipment, you will receive an email at the address you provided. This contains a link to track your shipment from your shipping service provider. This way you can see where your parcel is at any time.
Depending on the processing status, the tracking number for shipment tracking can only be viewed 24 hours after receipt of the order.
As a registered customer, you can view the delivery status of your order at any time in your customer account. You will also receive information from our shipping partner when the delivery will be made.
If you have any questions about the delivery status, please contact the shipping service provider you have selected directly: Contact Form Austrian Post: Contact Form

What can I do if I want to return an item?

All information for a smooth handling of the return can be found here: Rescission Policy

What can I do if a delivery is incomplete or an item arrives damaged?

In the event of damage or missing quantities on delivery, please contact us directly via office@The3DObject.com.

What can I do if a delivery contains more goods than I ordered?

We are sorry that your order did not arrive in the correct quantity. If you have received too many items, you can keep them for free.

We could not answer your question? Contact us personally!

Our customer service will be happy to help you and will answer your inquiry via office@The3DObject.com as soon as possible.